Fourth Annual Monster Drawing Rally
Saturday, December 17, 2011, 6PM - 10PM

Watch as artists draw live at Midway - then buy drawings for a flat price of $35.
Midway’s Monster Drawing Rally is one of the Twin Cities' most anticipated art events of the year. See over 50 artists making work in the gallery and bring home the drawings you love.

All proceeds benefit Midway's 2011-2012 programming.
Drawing rounds begin at 6, 7, and 8pm.
Admission is free
Souvenir cups are $5
Drawings are $35

Abbi Allan
John Alspach
Rich Barlow
Tamara Brantmeier
Heather Bren
Allen Brewer
Jake Dwyer
David Frohlich
Isa Gagarin
Noah Harmon
Alexa Horochowski
Jonathan Kaiser
Matt Lawler
David Lefkowitz
Melissa Loop
Josh Norton
Jehra Patrick
Melba Price
Chad Rutter
Hannah Varn
Alyssa Baguss
Broc Blegen
Pete Driessen
Katelyn Farstad
John Fleischer
Luke Grothe
Christopher Hagen
Caroline Kent
Chris Larson
Michael Mott
Clive Murphy
Natasha Pestich
Crystal Quinn
Joe Smith
Laura Stack
Steve Taucher
Koren Beck Tomlinson
Pam Valfer
John Vogt
Nate Young
Kjellgren Alkire
Sarah Ann
Betsy Byers
Alyson Coward
Kelly Filreis
Lauren Herzak-Bauman
Nick Howard
Val Jenkins
Dennis Lo
Ruben Nusz
David Petersen
Christine Peterson
Gene Pittman
Scott Stulen
Bruce Tapola
Oakley Tapola
Erik Ullanderson
Katy Vonk
Sophie Weil
Rebecca Yaker

Read more about the Monster Drawing Rally and peruse the artists' websites on the Walker Blog.
See images from the Third Annual Monster Drawing Rally
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