Autumn of Non-Standard Evenings
Join us for a series of events centering on the current work of contemporary French philosopher François Laruelle.

His project, known as "non-philosophy", begins with the assertion that all forms of philosophy are structured around a foundational decision to split the world dialectically in order to approach it philosophically, but that one cannot grasp that decision itself using the same means. His work has ties to Marxism, psychoanalysis, Gnosticism, and science fiction; he has written extensively about aesthetics and the concept of "non-photography".

Laruelle attended the École Normale Sup&eachte;rieure in Saint-Cloud, was a program director at the Collège International de Philosophie from 1986-1989, and taught at the Université Paris X - Nanterre. He has been called "the most important unknown philosopher working in Europe today." His latest works, Struggle & Utopia at the End Times of Philosophy and Photo-Fiction, a Non-Standard Aesthetics, will be released by Minneapolis-based Univocal Publishing in October and November.

Book Launch: Struggle & Utopia at the End Times of Philosophy
October 4th, 7 pm at Midway Contemporary Art
At 7:30, Univocal's director, Drew Burk, will say a few words about the release of Franç̧ois Laruelle’s Struggle & Utopia at the End Times of Philosophy and read a short passage from the book. Reception to follow.

Workshops: Laruelle's Non-Standard Lenses
Join Univocal's director, Drew Burk, for two evening lectures followed by discussions centering on the French philosopher Franç̧ois Laruelle.

Book Launch: Photo-Fiction, A Non-Standard Aesthetics
November 15th, 7 pm at Midway Contemporary Art
Franç̧ois Laruelle will read from his latest work, published by Univocal: Photo-Fiction, A Non-Standard Aesthetics; reception and book signing to follow.

Lecture: The Generic Orientation of Non-Standard Aesthetics
November 17th, 5:30 pm at the Weisman Art Museum
A lecture by François Laruelle.

Univocal Publishing is an independent publisher that has been producing books on philosophy, technology, art, and poetry since 2011. They are translating and publishing texts by continental thinkers such as Jean Baudrillard, Gilbert Simondon, Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Serres, and François Laruelle. These archival quality books with letterpress covers are printed and hand-bound at their Minneapolis atelier, where Univocal is reconstituting an old form of book making infused with contemporary thought and technology.

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Autumn of Non-Standard Evenings is made possible by Univocal Publishing, the Theory Reading Group, the Weisman Art Museum, Midway Contemporary Art, and the Dept. of French & Italian, U of M. Support for the artist and curatorial lecture series at Midway Contemporary Art is generously provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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