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  • Names
    Jeff Witscher, Eric Frye, Justin Meyers
  • Title
    An evening of analog and digital electronic music
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  • Date
    Mar 1, 2014
  • Time
    8:00 pm
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  • Description

    Join us at Midway Contemporary Art for an evening of analog and digital electronic music. Three performers will present individual works of synthesis. Each utilizing different systems to create complex sonic material.

    Jeff Witscher is an LA-based composer currently focusing on electroacoustic computer music. He creates intricately abstract sound objects via live software patching. Rejecting melody to form a new language of timbre, timing and flight, his crisp compositions oscillate between flux/grandeur, piercing synthesis/meditative piano, and strings/voice.

    Eric Frye is a Minneapolis-based composer and sound artist. Exploring the spatialization and morphological aspects of sound using a hybrid analog-digital modular synthesizer and software synthesis, Frye’s work examines aural phenomena and seeks to question conventional compositional rationale. Though elementally minimal his compositions are at once sonically opaque, jarringly cerebral, and abstractly rhythmic.

    Justin Meyers is a musician from Minneapolis. Performing with his homebuilt modular synthesizer system and reel-to-reel tape machine, his work is known for its warm analog quality. His minimal yet perpetually shifting compositions seem to be aqueous in structure, seamlessly drifting between tones and phases while carving out a unique melodic terrain along the way.

    This event is made possible with generous support from the The National Endowment for the Arts