About Midway's Library

The Midway Contemporary Art Library serves to document, present, and preserve the recent history of contemporary visual art in a public context. Founded in 2007, its objectives are to research, collate, and catalog published material in an effort to provide the most comprehensive and accessible resource for research into contemporary art in the region.

A non-circulating collection, the library contains thousands of titles from a wide range of publishers from around the world. While group exhibition catalogs and monographs form the core of the library’s collection, the library also contains reference material, a selection of artist books, DVDs, and an extensive selection of periodicals and journals. We are currently subscribed to a number of monthly and quarterly publications.

Library Lending

Library lending users may borrow up to three books for a two week loan period. Search our online database for books, email us with the titles you’re interested in, and schedule a time to pick-up your selections at Midway.

There is no fee, membership, or library card necessary. Simply download and fill out our borrower agreement form with your contact information and signature.

Lending Details

  • Three book limit per loan (including current periodicals / magazines and back issues)

  • Rare and fragile books will not be available for loan

  • Two week loan period

  • A completed borrower agreement form is required

  • Curbside pick-up and return at Midway Contemporary Art

  • Borrowed books and materials must be treated with the same care and respect at home as in Midway’s library — please keep them away from food, drink, and art materials

  • All library materials must be returned on or before the end of the two week loan period

Getting Started

  1. Browse our online library database to select which books you would like to borrow

    Search the Library

  2. Email library@midwayart.org with the following information:
    — Titles of your three book selections
    — Your preferred pick-up day and time falling within Midway’s regular hours (Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm)
    A completed borrower agreement form

  3. Arrive at your confirmed pick-up time:
    — Please wait outside the library door upon arrival
    — We will bring the books out to you

  4. All borrowed materials are due back either on or before the date two weeks from your pick-up day:
    — We will email you the week of your return date to set up a time for your return
    — Please only return books during your scheduled return time to ensure that someone will be available to receive the books

  5. Once you have returned borrowed books you may repeat the process!


(612) 605–4504

Library Hours

Midway’s library will reopen in September. Please check back for more details!

Borrower Agreement Form

Click here to download a PDF of the borrower agreement form

A physical copy can be provided to fill out and sign at the time of pick up if you are unable to complete it electronically or print it ahead of time.