• Title
    Optimism at the Table
  • Lead Organizer
    Justin Thomas Schaefer
  • Funded Project
    Experimental Meal Series
  • Amount Awarded
  • Description

    Optimism at the Table (OAT) will be comprised of four seasonal experimental meals organized during 2019 that are free and open to public. Artists and cooks will be invited to travel to Minnesota to work on these meals. Although these worlds — the artist’s studio and the chef’s kitchen — operate under similar modes of practice and production, there exists a more ephemeral quality about the kitchen, one less about archiving and preserving, and instead focused on the senses and immediate experience. OAT aims to blur the divide between culinary and contemporary art and to see how art and food can work in tandem. OAT will create an environment where one isn’t using the other, but instead working as a whole.