• Title
    Soomaal House of Art
  • Lead Organizer
    Mohamud Mumim
  • Funded Project
    Ilaa Shaley//Since Yesterday
  • Amount Awarded
  • Description

    First, identity understood as a collective, shared history among individuals affiliated by race or ethnicity that is considered to be fixed or stable; and second, identity understood as unstable, metamorphic, and even contradictory — an identity marked by multiple points of similarities as well differences.” –Stuart Hall

    Using Hall’s reflections on cultural identity as a starting point, Soomaal House of Art will organize Ilaa Shaley//Since Yesterday, an exhibit that will explore themes of shared history and belonging within Somalis in the US, UK, and Somalia. Four inter-regional and inter- generational artists will present contemporary visual artwork at a community space in Minneapolis in 2019.