• Title
    Scorched Feet
  • Lead Organizer
    Alexa Horochowski
  • Funded Project
    Second issue of the bilingual broadside
  • Amount Awarded
  • Description

    Scorched Feet/Pies Quemados is a broadside founded in 2020 by R Yun Keagy (Matea) and Alexa Horochowski. Presented both as a physical publication and online, it features visual and textual essays by local, immigrant, and BIPoC artists whose work intersects with socio-political discourse in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and Indigenous communities. Artists will be invited to respond creatively to the power struggles we are witnessing and absorbing as climate change leads to local and global political struggle and possibility. These bilingual broadsides (Spanish/English) will be viewable and downloadable for free online and at community hubs in the Twin Cities. VAF funding will support the second edition of the broadside.

  • Upcoming Launch Event

    Scorched Feet/Pies Quemados, Second Edition Launch
    Editors, Alexa Horochowski and R Yun Matea

    Presented as part of “Terminal: A Magazine for Abolitionist Futures,”
    Hosted by Confluence: An East Lake Studio for Community Design at

    Mirror Lab
    3400 Cedar Ave
    Minneapolis, MN 55407
    February 24, 2023, 6–8 p.m.

    Artists Alexa Horochowski and R Yun Matea founded Scorched Feet/Pies Quemados in 2020 at a time of increasing environmental crises, political turmoil, and social upheaval. Events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the public murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and the January 6 storming of the Capitol all point to pressures arising from increasing social inequality around the world. Global disruptions such as “El Estallido” (social explosion) in Chile, and Hong Kong’s anti-extradition protests that preceded the uprising in Minneapolis emphasized the collective destiny shared by humans and non-humans in the Capitalocenea distinct geological epoch in which the capitalist formula of unbridled accumulation has penetrated into all aspects of the planet’s biophysical environment, to the point where the survival of the capitalist system is an existential threat to the survival of humanity. (Roar #7: “System Change”)

    For the second edition of Scorched Feet/Pies Quemados, the editors gathered artworks and literature by local and international artists and writers that articulate and ignite the concept of “ritual witchcraft and healing in times of climate change.” They found inspiration from the hex-like actions taken by Ukrainian women against Russian occupiers. Free copies of both issues will be available at the launch.

    The following artists and writers contributed to Scorched Feet/Pies Quemados: Sonia Barrett, Vania Caro Melo, Brad Kahlhamer, Caroline Kent, Stevie Ada Klaark, Carolina Opazo Riveros, Lela Pierce, María Rebolleda-Gómez, Sun Yung Shin, Calvin Stalvig, and Corinne Teed.