• Title
    Scorched Feet
  • Lead Organizer
    Alexa Horochowski
  • Funded Project
    Second and third issues of the bilingual broadside
  • Amount Awarded
  • Description

    Scorched Feet/Pies Quemados is a broadside founded in 2020 by R Yun Keagy and Alexa Horochowski. Presented both as a physical publication and online, it features visual and textual essays by local, immigrant, and BIPoC artists whose work intersects with socio-political discourse in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and Indigenous communities. Artists will be invited to respond creatively to the power struggles we are witnessing and absorbing as climate change leads to local and global political struggle and possibility. These bilingual broadsides (Spanish/English) will be viewable and downloadable for free online and at community hubs in the Twin Cities. VAF funding will support the second and third editions of the broadside.